3D printing magnets will bring infinite possibilities for magnetic materials

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Original 2016-10-26 Antarctic bear polar bear 3D print

▲ 3D printing of magnetic materials

Researchers from TU Wien, Austria, have invented a method of making magnets with 3D printers. Prior to this, with the 3D printing technology to manufacture the magnet is very difficult, especially difficult to control the magnetic field of the magnet. If you want to get the ideal magnetic field, you must create a complex geometric shape of the magnet out. "The size of the magnetic field is only one factor, and the uncertainty in the direction of the magnetic field is difficult to overcome," said Dieter Sass, head of TU Wien's advanced magnetic and magnetic materials laboratory.


▲ magnetic 3D printing supplies

Former injection molding technology to manufacture the magnet, the economic cost is too high, and it takes a long time to complete the production. Researchers at TuWien have successfully produced 3D print magnets with Builder3D printers and a specialty polymer containing magnetic microparticles.

The first step in making a magnet process is digital 3D modeling, and then begins printing as layers of the traditional 3D printing process. The material contains 90% of the magnetic material and 10% of the plastic, after printing the product exposed to a strong external magnetic field, so a permanent magnetic material produced. Saas said that this method can handle a variety of magnetic materials, such as magnetic particularly strong NdFeB magnets material.

This rapid prototyping and low cost technology provides researchers with the possibility to produce more innovative products, such as magnetic materials that are gradually weakened by strong magnetic properties. Saas said their team will continue to develop, constantly testing the limits of the experiment, bring more innovative products.

▲ Researchers Christian Huber and Dieter Suss

At present, the two researchers have published the relevant papers "3D print of polymer bondedrare-earth magnets, and 3D magnetic field scanning with an end-user 3D printer" published to the "Applied Physics Letters" journals. But you can also download directly view: Papers.pdf (1.57 MB, download count :), please pay attention to the polar bear.

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