A variety of objects that use magnets

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Magnets can be pottery to a variety of objects, even if they can not see the place where the eyes can not see, the magnet is also playing a pottery, so that their life becomes more convenient. Come and find the magnets hidden in our words.

Used in the induction vortex plate of the car speed table

When the magnet is near the copper plate, a portion of the magnetic field generated by the poles of the magnet passes through the copper plate. If the rotating magnet, according to electromagnetic induction, copper plate will produce a magnet to prevent the rotation of the magnet, its effect will make the copper plate also with the magnet to rotate up. When the car moves, the wheel of the car rotates, which in turn drives the transmission and the rotation of the shaft connected to it. The shaft and the speed of a small magnet connected to the shaft rotation is a small magnet also rotation. The rotation of the small magnet drives the rotation of the copper plate near it, thereby driving the rotation of the pointer connected to the copper disk. The pointer indicates the current movement speed on the dashboard.


Neodymium Arc & Wedge Magnets

A rubber magnet on a refrigerator door

The refrigerator can give food fresh, when you close the door of the refrigerator, you will feel a suction, even when the refrigerator door and refrigerator body when the distance is closer, the refrigerator door will automatically shut down. This is because the inside of the refrigerator door inside the rubber ring(Bonded Ring Magnets). Iron fridge doors and rubber magnets meet when the refrigerator door and the refrigerator body will be tightly together. So the cold air inside the refrigerator will not leak out, the external air will not enter, so that you can keep the food fresh for a long time.


Bonded Arc Ndfeb Magnets

A screwdriver that can suck the screw

The use of the nature of the magnet applied to the screwdriver and made of the magnet screwdriver, effectively shorten the operating time. Because the end of the screwdriver can suck the screw, do not have to use the hand to pinch the screw, eliminating a lot of trouble. As long as there is a large magnetic magnet and a general screwdriver, you can simply create a magnet screwdriver. Operation as long as the general screwdriver with the magnetic force of the magnet in the same direction with a few times more friction on it. This is the use of the magnetization principle. In addition, the "magnetizer" is also the use of magnet buried in the original, and the screwdriver into a similar metal objects, and then move, the object will become magnetic.

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