About magnetic jewelry in the wearing process need to pay attention to a few things

- Nov 06, 2017 -

With the improvement of people's living standards, people gradually pursue the individuality and fashion while satisfying their basic living conditions, thus promoting the development of this industry and making the jewelry industry an unprecedented trend of development. Magnetic jewelry is the product of this era, magnetic jewelry, triggering a new understanding of the jewelry. So, magnetic jewelry in the process of wearing need to pay attention to what?

First, when wearing magnetic jewelry, to avoid direct contact with the corrosive items, so that from the surface can play a magnetic jewelry protection.

Second, the preservation of the environment should also be noted that the magnetic jewelry should be stored in dry environmental conditions, wet conditions or other conditions are not conducive to the protection of magnetic jewelry.

Third, if there is stains, then you should use a soft brush for proper cleaning, but a little bit of stains can be used to wipe the surface of the cloth.

Fourthly, in the process of wearing, it is necessary to pay attention to colliding with hard objects and colliding with hard objects, which inevitably will cause a gap. In this case, there will be a flaw.

Fifth, the best way to maintain it is to wear it every day, this is the best protection of magnetic jewelry.

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