How to identify the quality of Sinterd Neodymium Magnets?

- Oct 31, 2017 -

As a magnet buyer, you may have purchased a lot of times do not know how to distinguish the quality of the magnet. Today, our company standing in the neutral point of view of the general magnet how to identify the quality, of course, you also call us 



understand the more clearly.

From the size of speaking, to check the required size of the tolerance, and some outside diameter and thickness tolerance is more serious.

From the appearance of the surface treatment is concerned, if the surface color is poor, or even collapse of the collapse of the need to be careful, and then the surface if there are many small missing edge, also need to pay attention.

Often purchase Sinterd Neodymium Magnets you should know that the magnetic force(Strong Sphere Magnets) is used to express the value of Gaussian, the actual specification in the same product, is to use Gaussian value to compare, remember to compare the center of the magnet value. If conditions permit, make sure the flux will be better!

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