Aluminum and copper can not be magnet attracted

- Nov 11, 2017 -

1. Can attract iron, cobalt, nickel and other substances known as the nature of the magnets. Magnets at both ends of the pole, one end of the North Pole (N pole), one end of the South Pole (S pole)

2. The same-sex poles mutually exclusive, the opposite sex poles attract each other This is the working principle of the magnet

3. There are many iron magnets with two opposite poles, the role of the magnetic field, the internal arrangement of these magnets disordered, non-magnetic. When the iron is brought close to the magnet, the original magnets are neatly arranged by the action of the magnet so that the end close to the magnet attracts each other with polarity opposite to that of the magnet. This shows that due to the existence of the original magnet iron can be magnetized magnet. The copper, aluminum and other metal is not the original magnet structure can not be attracted by the magnet.

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