Analysis of NdFeB plating off the reasons

- Nov 11, 2017 -

The main component of neodymium iron boron is boron, boron and zinc electroplating chemical reaction, so electroplating off, if you want to electroplating is best cold galvanized. Magnet boron and zinc will react, no matter how long you pack the coating will fall off. Into the original qualities. Cold electroplating a long time is a little off, if it is hot electroplating is to piece by piece off. Research in this area, magnet manufacturers have to do a lot of experiments.

Internal staff on the corrosion mechanism of the magnet and the preservation methods, storage conditions have done a lot of work and found that for a long time the magnet storage and use of non-demagnetization, coating does not powder off is still a tricky thing, many manufacturers , People who use have a long way to go, do a lot of meticulous research.

Neodymium iron boron magnet surface to be anti-corrosion treatment, storage should be dry and anaerobic preservation, do not touch the water, corrosive gases. In particular, although some have taken the coating, but due to unreasonable plating process, degreasing rust before plating with an unreasonable strong acid, alkali, H + ions in the conventional plating solution hydrolysis in the cathode when the efficiency is low Co-deposition of ions with the coating, but after electroplating the magnet easily from the skin, powder, which is present in most of the magnets. Thermal aging demagnetization, storage time (1 to 5 years) Many magnets will also skin and demagnetization. To eliminate the skin, off, the plating process is best to use non-aqueous plating solution or plating current plating efficiency and other special plating process. But for the cost will be greatly increased.

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