Application of Magnet in Precision Machine Tool Industry

- Nov 01, 2017 -

So as to save the middle of the unnecessary production costs, greatly patronize the customer, and my company for the major electronics factory and peer magnet company OEM processing business, and many magnet brokers have business contacts, customer service industry: motor, Hardware, plastic electronic printing, packaging, toys, etc.! We are particularly good at the production of shaped magnets, we are processing special-shaped magnet equipment: automatic slicing machine, line cutting, forming grinder, centerless grinder, drilling machine. In the field of precision machine tool industry. At present, in the United States, Europe industrialized countries, the automotive industry due to a large number of mass production automation, has been fully pursued, the bulk of more varieties of flexible production, the use of NC machine tools continue to increase. Countries in the car, the flight industry is also moving in this direction. According to preliminary statistics, at present, the world's machine tools have about 14 million units, of which NC machine tools and machine ownership of the total ratio of about 7.1%; world machine tool production is about 1.5 million units, of which NC machine production 200,000 units, NC machine Accounting for about 13.3% of the total.If the average 2.5 coordinates per NC machine, the number of coordinates of 500,000, 80% of the use of DC permanent magnet motor control, and AC motor is unable to meet the requirements of small size, which undoubtedly opened up the NdFeB permanent magnet A broad application of the market, especially bonded NdFeB permanent magnet, NC machine is the ideal motor with the magnetic material. Because NC machine application environment temperature is not high, other conditions are good, bonded NdFeB permanent magnetic thin-walled ring, for the axial orientation, multi-pole magnetization, whether it is injection molding or compression molding, can make the size accurate, Evenly.

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