Application of Magnets in the gift packaging

- Nov 09, 2017 -

      Speaking of gift boxes, the front of our eyes will certainly be the first appearance of an exquisite, elegant moving box. These boxes are indeed beautiful, but many people have overlooked, there will be a small magnet above the gift box! Of course, not all magnet boxes are above, but many have a magnet on the gift box, so it looks like nothing, it seems to increase the beauty of the gift box with the fit, a far look, do not even see it There are any traces, but the same as the freshmen fit together, is really a very interesting thing.


      So, why the gift box magnets so popular, so many manufacturers in the production of gift boxes, the first will be designed to fit the magnets freely fit it, presumably the most important point is because the magnet gift box looks more perfect, the appearance of There will be any traces of the gift box to the kind of aesthetics to express it, but also highlights the interesting, you think about it, if you are in the design of a button or pull the ring, not only unpleasant , But also more laborious, the key is to maintain the time may not be long, but also wasting more effort.

      If the choice of magnet switch can be a good savings, do not have to spend too much manpower and material resources, just a small magnet can change all the appearance is not beautiful, so that the gift box from inside to outside, looks exactly It is really pleasing, but also precisely because of this, the magnet gift box will be so popular, so many friends began to attach importance to the magnet, they also began to look at the magnet!

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