Application of NdFeB Permanent Magnet in Motor and Comparison with Other Permanent Magnetic Materials

- Nov 13, 2017 -

The advent of NdFeB permanent magnetic materials with excellent magnetic properties is a major breakthrough in the field of permanent magnetic materials. Its main features are as follows: large magnetic energy product, high remanent magnetism, rich resources of raw materials, and non-strategic materials. The price per MG0 is low, the mechanical strength is high and the weight is lighter than that of SmCo. The main drawback Kui: low temperature limit, high reversible temperature coefficient. These features are both appealing and new to motor manufacturers. So, NdFeB permanent magnet motor in the future prospects of what exactly? At present, many experts from different degrees of what different views on this. Therefore, answering the questions raised earlier, a lot of detailed work needs to be done. Through the development of permanent magnet dc motors and practical tests, the paper shows the benefits of applying NdFeB to the motor and the influence of the temperature limit on the motor performance. In addition, it shows how to take some measures in the process of designing a motor, to give full play to the excellent magnetic properties of this kind of permanent magnetic material and to overcome the disadvantage of high temperature coefficient in order to make more effective use of this material in the motor field. We have many problems to be solved when designing and manufacturing PM machines. One of these is the need to identify the various applications.

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