Application of Rare Earth in Medical Treatment

- Nov 16, 2017 -

The application of rare earths in medicine and theoretical problems have long been the research projects that attach great importance all over the world. People have long discovered the pharmacological effects of rare earths. The earliest used in medicine is cerium salts, such as cerium oxalate can be used to treat marine dizziness and pregnancy vomiting, has been contained in the Pharmacopoeia; In addition, a simple inorganic cerium salt can be used as a wound disinfectant. Since the 1960s, rare earth compounds have been found to have a series of special pharmacological effects. They are good antagonists of Ca2 + and have the function of sedation and analgesia. They can be widely used in the treatment of burns, inflammation, skin diseases, thrombosis and the like, Wide attention.



First, the application of rare earth in medicine


1. Anti-clotting effect


Rare earth compounds occupy a special place in anticoagulant. They are used both in vitro and in vivo to reduce the clotting of the blood, especially for intravenous injections, giving immediate anticoagulant effects for about a day. An important advantage of rare earth compounds as anticoagulants is rapid action, which is comparable to direct acting anticoagulants such as heparin and has a long-term effect. Rare earth compounds in the anticoagulant has been widely studied and applied, but in clinical applications due to the toxicity and accumulation of rare earth ions subject to certain restrictions. Although rare earths are in a low toxicity range and are much safer than many transitional compounds, further questions need to be considered, including their elimination from the body. In recent years, rare earth as anticoagulant has been a new development, people will be combined with rare earth polymer materials, anti-clotting effect with a new type of material made of such a catheter made of polymer materials and extracorporeal blood circulation device can Prevent blood clotting.


2. Burn drugs


Anti-inflammatory effects of rare earth cerium salt is to improve the treatment of burns the main factor. The use of cerium-containing salt drugs, can reduce wound inflammation, accelerate healing, rare earth ions can inhibit the proliferation of blood cells in the composition and excessive exudation of fluid from the blood vessels, thereby promoting the growth of granulation tissue and epithelial tissue metabolism. Cerium nitrate can quickly control the serious infection of the wound to negative, to create conditions for further treatment.


3. Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect


Rare earth compounds as anti-inflammatory, bactericidal drugs have been used in many studies. The use of rare earth drugs on dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, gingivitis, rhinitis and phlebitis and other inflammatory have satisfactory results. At present, most of the rare earth anti-inflammatory drugs are topical for topical application. However, some scholars are also exploring ways to treat collagen diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, etc.) and allergic diseases (urticaria, eczema, paint poisoning, etc.) , Which is more important for patients with contraindications to corticosteroids. Now many countries are conducting research on rare earth anti-inflammatory drugs, people expect further breakthroughs.


4. Anti-atherosclerosis effect


In recent years, rare earth compounds have anti-atherosclerotic effects, very much subject to attention. Coronary atherosclerosis is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in industrialized countries in the world. The same trend has also emerged in major cities in China in recent years. Therefore, the etiology and prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis is one of the major topics in current medical research. Rare earth element can prevent and improve aorta and coronary atherosclerosis.


5. Radionuclide and antitumor


The anticancer effect of rare earth elements has caused people's attention. The earliest use of rare earths to diagnose and treat cancer is its radioisotope. In 1965 with rare earth radioisotopes treatment of pituitary tumors. Researchers on the anti-tumor mechanism of light rare earth research shows that rare earth elements in addition to removing harmful free radicals within the body, but also make cancer cells within the calmodulin levels, tumor suppressor gene levels. The results showed that the anti-tumor effect of rare earth elements may be achieved by reducing the malignant degree of cancer cells, indicating that the prevention and treatment of rare earth elements can not be underestimated the prospects for cancer.


Beijing Municipal Labor Protection Office and other methods using a retrospective cohort survey of workers in rare earth industry in Gansu for 17 years of cancer epidemiology survey. The results showed that the standardized mortality (tumor) in the population of rare earth plant, living area and Gansu area were 23.89 / 105,48.03 / 105 and 132.26 / 105 respectively, with the ratio of 0.287: 0.515: 1.00. Rare earth group was significantly lower than the local control group and Gansu Province, indicating that rare earth can inhibit the incidence of cancer in the population trend.



Second, the application of rare earth in medical equipment


In the field of medical devices, a laser knife made of laser material containing rare earth can be used for fine operation. The optical fiber made of lanthanum glass can be used as a light guide tube, which can clearly observe the gastric lesions in the human body. The rare earth element Ytterbium Brain scan agent can be used for brain scanning and chamber imaging; made with rare earth fluorescent material X-ray intensifier screen than the original calcium tungstate screen enhanced film efficiency 5 to 8 times, and can shorten the exposure time , Reduce the dose of radiation the human body, the sharpness of the film is also greatly improved, the use of rare earth sensitization screen can be a lot of difficult to diagnose the original lesions more accurately diagnosed.


The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device made of rare earth permanent magnet is a new technology applied in the 1980s. It uses a stable and uniform large magnetic field to give a pulse wave to the human body to make the human body hydrogen atoms resonate and absorb energy, Then suddenly turn off the magnetic field, hydrogen atoms will absorb the energy released, due to the different distribution of hydrogen atoms in different tissues of the human body, the release of energy for different lengths of time, through the electronic computer to receive different information to be analyzed and processed, Restore and resolve the body's internal organs of the image, to distinguish the normal or abnormal organs, identify the nature of the lesion. Compared with X-ray tomography, MRI is safe, painless, non-destructive, with high contrast. The emergence of MRI by the medical profession as a diagnostic revolution in the history of medicine.


The most widely used in medical applications is the use of rare earth permanent magnet materials for magnetic therapy. As rare earth permanent magnet materials, high magnetic properties, and can be made into various shapes of magnetic therapy appliances, and not easy demagnetization, with it acting on the body meridian points or diseased areas, can achieve better than the traditional magnetic effect of curative effect. Now magnetic materials such as magnetic necklace, magnetic needle, magnetic earring, fitness magnetic bracelet, magnetic water cup, magnet stick, magnetic comb, magnetic knee pad, magnetic shoulder guard, magnetic belt and magnetic massager Products, with a sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, antihypertensive, anti-diarrhea and other effects.

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