Application of Rare Earth Oxides in Glass Coloring

- Nov 14, 2017 -


In glassware or glass container production process, will add in the ingredients to adjust the thin glass bottles to adjust the color of the container, the chemical composition of rare earth oxides, specifically for coloring, rare earth oxide coloring glass, also known as Rare earth color glass. Rare earth colorants due to a series of excellent performance, in recent years used in glass bottles, glass containers. Glass coloring has received the attention of people.

China's rare earth mineral resources are extremely rich, mainly distributed in Lanzhou, Guangzhou and other places, unique resources, with rare earth oxide glassware colored coloring products, stable coloring, under normal circumstances is not affected by the atmosphere of reducing oxides, especially with the use of Nd2O3 colored glass shows magenta under sunlight or under incandescent light and bluish purple under fluorescent light. This is because the glass where the light source of different wavelengths, the glass of its light absorption will be different, different light sources show different colors, that is, multi-color, also known as discoloration or two-color effect.

Rare earth elements in the third subgroup of the periodic table. Due to the existence of unsaturated electron layer, it is determined that it has special selectivity for the absorption of light radiation. With the baht colored glass, a series of common absorption peaks appear from the ultraviolet to the infrared due to the complex spectral characteristics. And the absorption peak position is very stable, it is commonly used as calibration glass standard spectrophotometer.

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