Application of Sinterd Neodymium Magnets

- Nov 01, 2017 -

    The discovery and use of magnets in the history of mankind to be traced to a long time ago, when the scope of application of the magnet is not particularly wide, until the electromagnetic relationship was found after the start into the practical climax. Because it is the reason for the relationship between the electromagnetic, there are electrical use of the general needs of the magnet figure. With the continuous development of industrial technology, the magnet material for the miniaturization, miniaturization, thin the requirements, and on the basis of these requirements to ensure that the magnetic constant, or even stronger than the original magnet parts, that is, In this case, Sinterd Neodymium Magnets were invented in Japan, operating from all aspects of our lives.

    In modern society, electronic products are endless, and most of them have Sinterd Neodymium Magnets as an integral part of the material, and the most common should be the speaker equipment bar. Whether it is no less than the usual headphones, or a variety of electrical equipment in the speaker, that is, speakers friends. The main components of these devices are NdFeB magnets, generally made of ring, or semi-ring, through the electromagnetic conversion, the sound of the electronic signal into a sound signal and then through the assistance of other equipment, we become Hear the sound frequency.

     Since finished the voice, then say that the Sinterd Neodymium Magnets in the power of the contribution. Electric and magnetic conversion, magnetic and dynamic conversion for our lives is great, many societies are relying on the operation of power equipment to provide kinetic energy, and its fundamental, or NdFeB magnets will be converted to electricity, change Into the power, the lack of NdFeB magnets conversion, may be a lot of equipment are impossible to run.

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