Application of the Same Sex Magnet in Rail Transit

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Magnets has the same repulsion and heterosexual attraction two forms, so the maglev train has two forms: one is the use of same-sex magnet repellent principle designed maglev system of electromagnetic operation system, which uses the car superconducting electromagnet The magnetic field formed by the formation of the track and the magnetic field formed by the coil between the repulsion, so that the car body levitation railway; the other is the use of the principle of the opposite direction of magnetism designed maglev electric drive system, which Is installed on the bottom of the car body and on both sides of the top upside down to install the magnet, the T-shaped rail above and under the arm portion respectively set the reaction plate and induction plate, control the electromagnet current, the electromagnet and the rail to maintain 10 mm (positive Negative error of 2 mm) of the gap, and the attractiveness of the rail plate and the balance of gravity of the vehicle, so that the body suspended in the drive rail surface run.


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