Application of various kinds of permanent magnets Detailed(2)

- Nov 10, 2017 -

(2) permanent ferrite

Compared with metal permanent magnet, permanent magnet ferrite has the advantages of high resistivity, good stability, strong resistance to environmental changes, rich sources of raw materials, high cost performance, simple and mature technology and no oxidation problem , So in the magnetic properties of lower-end products are more widely used. Permanent magnet ferrite applications are very broad, is the automotive, consumer electronics, home appliances, computers, communications products and other consumer electronics components important part of the motor. The following table lists the specific applications of ferrite in some major applications.

The main application areasApplication range


Fuel pump motors, starter motors, fan motors and more

Computer and peripherals

Disk Drive Motor, Head Drive Motor and Rotating Mechanism, Fan 

Motor, Drive Motor, Tape Motor, Feed Motor, Transmission 

Mechanism, Attracting Magnet, etc.

OA equipment

Drive motor, reed contact element, magnetic roller device sensor, lens system, drive motor, motor and so on

VCD, DVD player

Spindle motor, video disc converter


Head drive motor, capstan motor, web motor, loading motor, 

loading mechanism, PG sensor, reed contact element, drum, etc.


Speaker, center adjustment magnet, color correction magnet

Tape recorders

Speakers, synchronous motors, capstan motors, tape motors, 

microphones, couplers and more

Information display system

Magnetic text display instrument, magnetic flip information 


Communication equipment

Telephone microphones, microwave communication devices, 

loudspeakers, reed contact elements, magnetic roller feed motors for fax machines, etc.

(3) SmCo

Samarium cobalt magnets have excellent magnetic stability, very low temperature coefficient (-0.030% / ℃), heat resistance (up to 500 ℃), and super corrosion resistance. These characteristics are not available in neodymium-iron-boron magnets. They also have high magnetic properties (high energy product, high coercivity and high remanence), making samarium-cobalt permanent magnets ideal for use in harsh working environments. Samarium cobalt magnets have been widely used in aerospace, defense and military, microwave devices, communications, medical equipment, instrumentation, wind power generation, magnetic drives, sensors, magnetic processors, high-end motors and other industries.

(4) Alnico

Magnet alnico are the highest Curie temperature of a permanent magnet material, its use temperature up to 600 ℃, which has a low temperature coefficient, high temperature, humidity resistance, easy oxidation and good work stability and so on. Alnico magnets are mainly used to produce high magnetic fields and high temperatures, such as electric motors, electric guitar pickups, speakers, sensors and traveling wave tubes. In addition, communication, computer peripherals, micro-motors, sensors and magnetic seals and other applications, the use of Alnico made of miniaturized and miniaturized complex shape of the permanent magnet components, the cost is almost the lowest. Due to the excellent mechanical properties of Alnico, it can be used as a structural part of complex magnetic circuits.

(5) Rubber magnet

Adhesive magnet magnetic properties of the lowest, but because of its flexibility, elasticity,be flexible and so on to make it very close to people's daily production, mainly used in micro motor, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, kitchen cabinets, toys, Teaching equipment, advertising, message boards, switches and sensors such as magnetic films.

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