Before the permanent lifting work:

- Jul 28, 2017 -

1, permanent lifting in the operation, first of all to hang the workpiece is intact? Surface cleaning is clean? Once found to have rust and convex thorns will immediately clean up. And the center line of the permanent magnet hoist magnetic crane and the center line of the workpiece coincide, and then the magnetic hanging workpiece placed in the work plane, the handle can be flexible rotation, when the "-" position, to "+" position rotation Pin. Before operation, check whether the security ramp of the handle is automatically locked before starting the job. (Permanent lifting products, please move to the magnetic tool section view)

2, permanent lifting machine work began to work, not overload, is strictly prohibited the body from the workpiece below the cross, the lifting of the workpiece temperature and ambient temperature can not be higher than 80 ℃, be sure to not subject to severe vibration and shock influences.

3, permanent lifting lifting the cylindrical workpiece, the normal should be to maintain the B-shaped groove and the workpiece angle for the two straight contact, if not formed two linear contact operation error, so the lifting force of the lifting capacity Lifting force of 30% -50%. Kodong permanent lifting structure not only follow the footsteps of social development, but also in strict accordance with the export standards of manufacturing, quality performance can reach the international advanced level of the same product, fully follow the national standard manufacturing.

Permanent working principle of the permanent lifting of the Faraday electromagnetic induction principle to manufacture. Magnetic crane internal use of high-performance permanent material NdFeB, can produce a strong suction in the magnetic circuit, which can be turned through the handle to change the magnetic field lines in the working or closed state; no external power supply, is now a new type of lifting Tools, warehouses, machinery handling, terminals, factories and other loading and unloading works of a good helper.

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