Can super magnet not be stainless steel?

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Can super magnet not be stainless steel?

This is the biggest mistake in the hearts of the Chinese people! Can you say that you go to any one to sell hardware, the boss will tell you so If you believe it, then you are wrong. The magnet is not necessarily stainless steel. Stainless steel can be divided into many categories, including the commonly used sub-austenite, ferrite, biphasic, martensite, precipitation hardening and other five categories. Which only austenitic stainless steel is not magnetic, but this stainless steel accounted for the vast majority of the stainless steel market (previously more than 70%, and now only estimated 60% to the future to 50% or less), the most widely used.

While other steel materials are magnetic, which is the Chinese domestic market with magnetic discrimination the origin of stainless steel. But other types of stainless steel are magnetic. For example, many times you go to the senior restaurant with magnets to try those shiny stainless steel knife and fork, they are often magnetic, in fact, it is likely that the martensitic stainless steel, as well as automobile exhaust pipe stainless steel is also magnetic Is ferrite.

Austenitic stainless steel is often to add Ni, the current world Ni price is very high, so the current development trend of stainless steel is how Nickel, one of the good way is to develop excellent ferritic stainless steel and biphase. So in the future, there must be more magnets can absorb the birth of stainless steel.

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