Children's toys in the magnetic rods

- Nov 01, 2017 -

    Magnetic rods are the most common in children's toys, but also magnetic building blocks. Children's toys on the magnet specifications smaller, and the children most often throw the toys on the ground, easy to fall off the magnet, which is the child will put it into his mouth, it will cause enteritis disease. The composition of the magnetic bar requires five parts. The inside and outside of the magnetic bar are composed of a magnetic core and an outer cladding. The magnetic core also includes a cylindrical magnet distributed at both ends of the magnetic rod and a magnetic column distributed in the full range of the magnetic rod Made of magnet pieces, magnetic rods are all arranged by the stainless steel, so that the magnetic rod is not damaged. Iron, so that the adsorption in the paste on the ferromagnetic material automatically fall off.

    Magnetic rods as a class of children's toys, but both advantages and disadvantages, magnetic rod itself is more powerful magnetic, magnetic rods have two magnetic ball, and two balls is the most easy to fall off, the children will inadvertently swallowed Abdominal, due to the small beads have a lot of suction, will seriously lead to the child's intestinal contraction and distortion to prevent the body parts of the blood supply, is likely to cause death. There are advantages there are advantages, children's toys magnetic bar using the specifications of 2 to 3 cm magnetic rods and magnetic beads of the same kind of mutual attraction to the principle of making a sturdy strong three-dimensional toys. These toys magnetic rods according to the size of the specifications, were installed in the exquisite box, but also with a magnetic ball with magnetic, magnetic rods because of the relatively strong magnetic, so the price is more expensive, but according to the magnetic rod magnetic can create its type 100-shaped toys, is conducive to the development of children's intellectual toys.

       With the continuous development of modern science and technology, magnetic bar is widely used, not only for children's toys, in life has also been applied.

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