Common faults and treatment of magnets ​

- Oct 30, 2017 -

Common faults and treatment of magnets

Life is actually rare in the magnet, because they are mainly used in sensors, meters, military, automotive and other fields are mainly in the internal instrument, so most people rarely see. Magnet is mainly composed of several hardness of the metal synthesis, there is a certain magnetic. Of course, the magnetic size of the magnet depends on its metal composition. There is a difference in the strength requirements of magnetic fields. Magnet has excellent resistance to high temperature, corrosion resistance. Of course, in the course of the use of steel will inevitably fail, as long as the correct way to deal with, you can minimize the loss. Xiaobian below for everyone to introduce the common causes of magnetic failure.

1, leakage, magnet steel plate lights for a long time in a state of light.

Most of this is caused by a large disturbance. The outdoor special environment caused interference to the equipment, causing the equipment to be abnormal. In this case, first check the equipment and the track edge of the distance between the pipe insulation is good, according to the actual situation of the appropriate threshold voltage to improve.

2, a large number of small number of phenomena

Generally this phenomenon, mainly due to the multi-axis magnet, wheelbase is not wrong to lead to the occurrence of errors. First check the magnet steel installation size is wrong, and the system caused by the wrong decision. If there is no day, then most of the reasons for the multi-axis and missing shaft.

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