Consumers should be careful when using magnets

- Nov 25, 2017 -

Everyone should have played or used a magnets. At the elementary science class, the teacher introduced us to what magnets are, what are the properties of the magnets, and how the south and south poles of the magnets separate from each other. The magnet is a very wonderful item. However, care must also be taken when using it because the magnet has a very large magnetic force, which can cause hand injury.

"North Pole" is defined as the magnet whose north pole points to the North Pole of the Earth, abbreviated as "N", after its random rotation. Similarly, the magnet's south pole also points to the Earth's south pole, referred to as "S". Geomagnetic poles and geographic poles do not coincide, there is a certain magnetic declination.

Safe handling of magnets

Always be careful because the magnets stick together and can get your fingers caught. Magnets adsorb to each other

It is also possible that the magnet itself will be damaged by the collision (knocking over the corner or cracking the crack).

Keep the magnet away from objects susceptible to magnetization, such as floppy disks, credit cards, computer monitors, watches, cell phones, medical devices and more.

Keep the magnet away from pacemakers. Larger size magnets should have plastic or cardboard spacers between each piece to ensure that the magnets can be easily separated.

Magnets should be stored in a dry, constant temperature environment.

Magnet looks no harm, but in the use of time or to pay attention to the magnetic strength of the magnet magnet, a lot of time we do not pay attention will not believe that the magnet and the card or watch together to prevent this is very Bad, will make the watch or the magnet is very easy degaussing, is not conducive to the daily use of other daily necessities.


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