Difference between single-sided magnet and double-sided magnet

- Nov 14, 2017 -

    If you need to use the current single-sided magnetic occasions, are not in the magnetic side with an iron magnetic shield to shield, there is no real single-sided magnet.

    Single-sided magnetic and double-sided magnetic magnetic rubber can be reflected in the rubber magnetic if you want to single-sided magnetic side can be made without magnetic side, if it is double-sided magnetic then both sides of the magnetic.

    If it is neodymium iron boron or other types of magnet on both sides, if you only need one side, then covered with a steel case, so one side of magnetic but the other side will be magnetic, but very small

    Many people are puzzled by the structural principle of single-sided magnets on the market. In fact, a single-sided magnet refers to a magnet that has a magnetism on one side and a weaker magnet on the other side by wrapping one side of the double-sided magnet with a specially treated galvanized iron sheet The wrapped side of the magnetic will be shielded, the magnetic force is refracted to the other side, the other side will be enhanced magnetic. If there are occasions where only one side of the magnetic, magnetic and if the other side will cause damage or interference; some occasions such as the magnet on the box is only required to have a magnetic side, the other side of the optional, there is no magnetic useless, Using single-sided magnetism in this way greatly reduces costs and saves magnetic materials.

    Refraction of single-sided magnet is mainly determined by the following three aspects:

    1. Materials: Material selection and thickness, as well as the magnet and the material spacing are closely related. Pure metal magnetic flux leakage easily, after special treatment refraction will be enhanced, but 100% shielding material has not been studied, but different manufacturers to do the material effect is also different.

    2. Angle: According to the principle of refraction, the best effect of curved material, rectangular material refractive loss greater.

    3. Space: Magnetic lines in the air like a cell phone signal, you need to have space to refraction. Flashlight light pot, such as completely wrapped in the bulb, the use of effect is certainly not good, because there is a lot of light refraction loss.

    Single-sided magnet applications focused on: moon cake box, printing and packaging, cell phone boxes, wine boxes, tea boxes, gift boxes, bags, leather goods, computer holsters, clothing, white board deduction. Since one side of the magnet is used to wrap the side of the double-sided magnet, the magnetism on the side to be wrapped is shielded, the magnetic force is refracted to the other side, and the other side is magnetically enhanced; the ideal magnetic requirement of the gift box can also be achieved, and the use cost can also be saved . Of course, magnetic stability is very important, with poor material magnet will not have a lot of sex, will make the user a great loss.

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