Discuss magnet is not iron

- Nov 07, 2017 -

Many people think that the magnets is iron, it is not. Magnetite is magnetic, the main component is ferriferous oxide. There are many man-made magnets, magnetically stronger artificial neodymium magnets.

    It is a permanent magnet, from the manufacturing process, the cost of iron magnet is much lower, neodymium magnet is a kind of rare earth, this material is more expensive. In this sense, the magnet is not iron

There are two main types of magnetic materials, the first is the permanent magnetic material (also known as hard magnetic): the material itself has the characteristics of magnetic preservation; the second is soft magnetic (also called electromagnet): need external power to produce magnetic

    Permanent magnet materials also have two major categories, the first major categories are: alloy permanent magnet materials, including rare earth permanent magnet materials (NdFeB), samarium cobalt (SmCo), neodymium nickel cobalt (NdNiCO); the second category is: iron Ferrite Ferrite is divided into different production processes: Sintered Ferrite, Rubber Magnet, Zhusu Ferrite. These three technologies are based on The orientation of magnetite is divided into isotropic and anisotropic magnets

Rare earth permanent magnet materials according to the different production processes are divided into three types: sintered NdFeB strong magnet, sintered NdFeB strong magnet through the airflow milling powder after smelting, coercivity value is high, and has a very high magnetic properties Its maximum energy product (BHmax) is 10 times higher than that of ferrite. Its own mechanical properties are also very good, you can cut different shapes and drilling. High-performance products, the maximum operating temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius. Due to its material content easily lead to corrosion, so according to different requirements of the surface must be different coating treatment. (Such as Zn plating, Ni, Au, Epoxy, etc.). Very hard and brittle, high anti-demagnetization, high cost / performance ratio, not suitable for high operating temperature), etc.

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