Does the magnet hurt the human body

- Nov 07, 2017 -

The Earth we live in is composed of a large magnetic field, so people themselves have a dependence on the magnetic field. Weak cutting stable magnetic field on the body is good, in the medical magnetism is also common. Electromagnetic waves are different, it is a high-energy wave, its frequency will have an adverse effect on the body. So the magnet itself is not hurt.

Magnts ebracelet harmless to the human body is also useless. There are nuclear magnetic medical equipment, high magnetic field of 5T or more, no harm to the human body. It is widely accepted that NMR is the safest of all radiology medical devices. In other words, people are not afraid of the magnetic field, more afraid of radiation. High magnetic field does have some negative effects on the human body itself, but the magnet content in the magnet bracelet is limited and it is impossible to affect the human body at all.

The effect of magnetic therapy is only the so-called psychological suggestion, and there is no very direct medical effect. Magnet bracelet through the weak magnetic lines continue to stimulate the wrist microcirculation system, to promote blood circulation, improve the body's physiological magnetic field, fatigue has a very weak effect, indeed good for sleep, but not large. Long-term wear magnet bracelet does not have any damage to the human body. Some people claim that the magnet provides the magnetic force to change the physiological tissues, and even think that each cell has positive and negative poles. Others claim that the magnet can improve blood circulation. In fact, there is no evidence that there is any interaction between human tissue cells or blood and magnetic fields. The iron ions in red blood cells are not ferromagnetic or even anti-magnetic, and will not be attracted to the magnetic field. It is well-known that heat application will promote blood circulation, The result is a reddening of the skin. If the magnets really promote blood circulation, why does the skin that is in direct contact with the magnet have no reddening?

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