Effect of Rare Earth on Recrystallization Behavior of Low Carbon Microalloyed Steel

- Nov 14, 2017 -

With the development of metallurgical technology, rare earth has been widely used in steel. Rare earth in the steel can play the role of purification of molten steel, inclusions, microalloying, improve the as-cast structure and so on, thus improving the mechanical properties of steel, processing performance, corrosion resistance and so on. With the development of various industries, low carbon microalloyed steel has great potential in improving strength and toughness. Improve the quality of steel to improve its toughness ratio, and reduce production costs has become an important issue in the field of steel materials research. The softening behavior of the dynamic recrystallization during hot deformation of the hot-rolled steel of microalloyed steel can refine the deformed austenite structure and the subsequently formed ferrite structure, and have a greater effect on the final microstructure and properties of the hot-rolled steel influences.


Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology scholars in the laboratory using thermal simulation technology to study the rare earth on recrystallization behavior of low carbon microalloyed steel results show that the rare earth composition of the dynamic recrystallization critical strain εD more obvious effects of rare earth content (mass fraction With the same) up to 100 × 10-6 and the rare earth content of 60 × 10-6 samples are higher than the critical strain of the rare earth-free samples, and when the deformation temperature reaches 910 ℃, with the increase of rare earth no longer occur Recrystallization, that is, the addition of rare earth delayed the occurrence of dynamic recrystallization, delayed the role with the increase of rare earth addition, the more obvious; double-pass high temperature rolling, rare earth on the static recrystallization softening rate than the low temperature rolling significantly Compared with the samples without RE, the deformation resistance of rare earth with 100 × 10-6 can be increased to a certain extent. Recrystallization easily occurs during the time between passes, while the content of rare earth is slightly less affected insignificantly.

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