Electric rice cooker magnet

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Magnet rice cooker is installed in the center of the heating plate rice cooker overheating release switch, the switch is the use of permanent magnets after the magnetic properties of weakening to work, so everyone calls it a magnet. The basic working principle of rice cooker magnet is bimetal temperature control, is also a temperature control component also called temperature-sensing magnet, it is generally the factory temperature is fixed, to a certain temperature, the magnet will degaussing, rice cooked , It will rely on the reaction of the spring off the power. When cooking, the start switch is pressed by hand, the permanent magnet and the soft magnet are attracted by the transmission rod, the suction force is greater than the spring force and permanent gravity of the permanent magnet, so the permanent magnet will not fall, the contact is closed, the circuit is connected, Heating plate began to heat.


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