Electro-acoustic industry to help NdFeB market

- Nov 09, 2017 -

With the electronic machine to digital, multi-functional and thin, light, small, portable direction, the electronic information system to the network, high-speed processing, high-speed transmission and broadband direction, the development of electro-acoustic devices ushered in A new point of growth.

       One of the electro-acoustic devices is the speaker, the base material for the loudspeaker is a permanent magnet, and the rare-earth permanent magnet NdFeB alloy is a very good material for making loudspeakers.

    The working principle of the loudspeaker: The permanent magnet produces a magnetic field in the annular air gap of the magnetic circuit through the yoke. The voice coil connected to the loudspeaker cone is inserted into the annular air gap. The permanent magnet is surrounded by the external yoke, Interference from outside stray magnetic field, in turn, can reduce the impact of the permanent magnet magnetic field on the outside world, when the sound in the form of current through the magnetic field when the coil will be generated due to changes in the intensity of the current frequency of different vibration, and then drive the cone issued Sound of different frequencies and strength. One of the magnets with rare earth neodymium magnets instead of the traditional ferrite or AlNiCo magnets, not only can improve the sensitivity of the speaker, but also greatly reduce the amount of magnets.

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