Electromagnet construction of the general provisions?

- Nov 21, 2017 -

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1. Electromagnet core surface, should be clean, no rust.

2. The armature of the electromagnet and the action of its transmission mechanism should be prompt, accurate and reliable, there is no jam phenomenon. DC magnet armature(neodymium magnet rings), there should be magnetic isolation measures.

3. The brake solenoid armature pull, the contact surface of the iron core should be in close contact with its fixed part, and may not have abnormal sound.

4. Brake device with a brake solenoid, the damper should be adjusted to adjust the bolt hole, the armature moves to the final position of smooth, no violent impact.

5. The use of air gap as the DC residual magnet clearance brake solenoid, the armature stroke pointer position should be consistent with the provisions of product technical documents.

6. The traction solenoid fixed position should be accurately with the valve plunger, the action stroke in line with equipment requirements.

7. Lifting the electromagnet first power check, it should be in no-load (no ferromagnetic material around) under the condition of no-load current should be consistent with the provisions of technical documents.


8. There are special requirements of the electromagnet, should measure its pull-in and release current, its value should be consistent with the provisions of product technical documentation and design requirements.

9. Dual motor brake and single motor double brake solenoid action should be flexible and consistent.(starter motor magnet)

The above contents are based on the actual problems encountered by the students finishing for reference, if you have any questions, please communicate, correct.

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