Future Magnet Development

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Future Magnet Development

Perhaps one day, your home refrigerator can be used as a "refrigerant". Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists have developed thermoelectrics to describe the equation of electron transport, used to describe the magneton transmission, found that if there is a difference in the magnetic field, the magnet oscillator may move from one end of the magnet to the other end, Take away the heat and produce cooling effect. Related papers published in the recent "Physical Review Letters" on.

In the ferromagnetic body, the local magnetic moments can be rotated and arranged in different directions. At absolute zero, the magnetic moments cause the magnet to produce the strongest magnetic force; as the temperature rises, more magnetic moments become less synchronized and the magnetic force becomes weaker. And the magnetizer is generated with this temperature rise. Magnetic oscillator is a magnet in a quasi-particles, magnetic moments are formed by co-rotation, also known as "spin."

The magnet(NdFeB Magnets Ring Neodymium) is much like electrons. Electrons can carry both charge and thermal conductivity, can be in the electric field or temperature difference under the action, this phenomenon is the thermoelectric effect. Scientists have been studying thermoelectric effects, such as thermoelectric generators that convert heat directly into electricity, or without any moving parts, according to a physicist, July 29 (Beijing time). The magneton can also move under two forces: temperature difference and magnetic field. Researchers have developed the Bohrzmann transfer equation describing the electron transport in thermoelectrics, and two new equations have been derived to describe the magneton transmission. They can use the new equation to predict the magnet oscillator effect, similar to the thermoelectric cooling effect. When the magnetizer is in a different magnetic field, it will carry heat from one end of the magnet to the other.

They built a model with ordinary magnetic insulators(Bonded Arc Magnets), and collected a new data entry model of the material from the previous data. It was found that there was a mild magnetic field gradient, which could produce a smaller cooling effect. At low temperature, Cooling effect is more obvious.

"You can draw heat from one side to the other, and in essence, you can use the magnet as a chiller." MIT mechanical engineering graduate student Liao Bailin said, "You can imagine a kind of wireless cooling, In a two meters outside of a magnet, or your portable computer to apply a magnetic field, you can let it cool. "According to their theory, this magnetic refrigerator without any moving parts, unlike the traditional refrigerator, A tube is constantly pumping liquid to keep it low.

MIT director of mechanical engineering, said Chen Gang, the first application of magnetron cooling effect, which may be those at low temperatures in the study of wireless cooling. "For now, the possible applications are in the low temperature field, such as cooling the infrared detector, but we also need to experiment with this theory and find better materials, and we hope this will promote new experiments."

University of Texas at Austin, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, said the team found that the magnetic refrigeration effect is "a study of spin and heat combined with a very useful theoretical framework, may stimulate some new ideas, such as solid cooler system In the use of magnetic oscillator to do the 'liquid'.

Compared with the TV, refrigerators and air conditioning are considered antique. TV replacement, the new concept of time, mainly due to the development of the relevant semiconductor industry, and to catch the information industry to change the Express. The refrigerator in the past two centuries, the completion of only a few changes in the refrigerant, but also brought the problem of damage to the ozone layer. The reason is that the associated industries in the field of household refrigeration are relatively thin and can not share the benefits of the new industrial revolution and FMCG industry. The theory of the development of the field of refrigeration, but how to do, what the problem remains to be resolved, I am afraid to rely on new materials and new energy and other related technologies breakthrough.

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