General questions about earth magnets applications

- Nov 02, 2017 -

1, if you need the highest earth magnets, of course non-NdFeB none other than.

However, the application of magnetic materials, there are many comprehensive factors need to be considered. Therefore, it is not a simple election to the highest performance on everything, it is recommended to provide your application to the manufacturers, so that manufacturers provide reasonable advice (but the domestic application of rare research on the magnet, many manufacturers can not give customers a reasonable proposal, this point , A lot behind Europe and America, limiting the development of magnetic materials applications in the field of products)

2, the working temperature of the magnet.

Different types of magnets, the working temperature is very different. The same material, different performance is not the same. Specifically, you can check the information provided on the manufacturer's website.

3, the fixed way of the magnet.

Generally used in the way of bonding. Now, the performance of the adhesive is very good, the process is reasonable, the basic need not worry about the problem of falling off the magnet.

Welding is not possible. At least I have not seen a precedent for success.

Some magnets can be perforated, etc., so they can be mechanically fixed, such as neodymium iron boron.

4, the strength of the hardness of the magnet.

Most magnets are more brittle and easily damaged. Therefore, when appropriate, appropriate protection is recommended.

5, the processing performance of the magnet.

Magnet hardness is high, it is difficult to cold cutting. Common processing methods are diamond blade cutting, wire cutting, grinding and so on.

6, the use of permanent magnet material What is the advantage?

Many occasions of electromagnetic applications, can use permanent magnet replacement. A bit like: no electricity consumption, no heat (this is very important), do not worry about power and so on. For example, electromagnetic sucker has a big problem, that is, power protection. So the electromagnetic lifting generally need uninterruptible power supply, resulting in increased costs. Use the permanent magnet sucker, there is no worries.

7, the life of the magnet.

How long is the life of the magnet? There are two main factors: corrosion and demagnetization.

Easy to corrosion of the magnet, plating or the material itself is not good, it may not take a year to powder off, such as NdFeB. Powder metallurgy products, and casting products, the internal is a loose combination. Magnet has high internal stress. So the micro-particles always tend to spread out. Oxidation, may soon become a powder.

Another point is demagnetization. Back magnetism of the magnet, especially high temperature demagnetization, internal phase change, even if the magnetization, but also to restore the original performance.

7, what can the magnet do?

In fact, the application is really wide: earth magnets motor, magnetic lifting, magnetic sucker, magnetic actuator (synchronous drive, hysteresis drive, eddy current drive), magnetic spring (when sucking, the curve and the opposite shape) , Safety sensors, sensors, iron, mineral processing, daily necessities, toys, tools and so on.

There are friends on the magnet processing and processing more interested, the following brief introduction:

NdFeB production process, popular speaking, is this: the material mixed smelting, and then the refining of the metal block broken into small particles. Put the small particles into the mold to suppress the molding. Then sintered. Sintered out of the rough.

Shape, are generally square, or cylindrical. To block, for example, the size is generally concentrated in the length and width of 2 inches, the thickness of 1-1.5 inches or so. Thickness, is the direction of magnetization (high-performance magnets are oriented, so there is magnetization direction).

Then, according to the actual needs, the blank cut into the required size and shape. Cut the magnet, chamfer, after cleaning, plating, magnetizing, you can.

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