High-performance NdFeB VCM high-end applications

- Nov 14, 2017 -

VCM is NdFeB high-end applications, high technical threshold, monopoly by the developed countries for a long time. Japan is the largest amount of VCM, accounting for about 50% of production.

Through long-term efforts, NdFeB magnets have been successfully applied to hard disk drive voice coil motors (VCMs), automobile electric power steering systems (EPSs), high-end automotive applications such as computers and high-performance automotive applications. Ignition coils for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), electric steering, airbag sensors and other automotive components. With the passage of time, China's high-end applications of NdFeB magnets in the international market share will be higher and higher, the competition with Japan will become increasingly fierce.

Domestic competition: Mainly manifested as the competition among well-known enterprises with strong technical and economic strength in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing-Tianjin, Yantai, Guangdong, Shanxi and Baotou. They are either well funded by the development of listed companies or they have good access to patents, licensed sales channels or the introduction of advanced technologies and equipment from abroad. Some companies also mastered the technology. In terms of technology, management and capital strength, there are still some gaps between the origin of rare earth resources and the well-known Nd-Fe-B enterprises in economically developed areas, but the competitive pressure on raw materials will be greater and greater.

All manufacturers are using to develop high performance products and reduce costs to improve their competitive strength. As in the stable production of N50, 50M, 48M, 45M, 48H, 46H and other high-performance sintered NdFeB products, also have developed more than N50 products, and has been mass production. Some companies launched the "high energy product", "high temperature," "high corrosion resistance," the three characteristics of sintered NdFeB products. At the end of 2006, a super strong permanent magnet with a magnetic energy product (BH) max of 56.0MGOe was developed. It is the highest level of sintered NdFeB magnet reported to date in China.

While some enterprises vigorously improve the magnetic properties of magnets, they also vigorously develop the diversification of technologies related to magnetic electromechanics. They have also made great efforts to develop high-end motors for wind turbines and automobiles and extend the production of magnetic materials to devices to further enhance the sintering NdFeB magnet products in the high-end market competitiveness.

Shanxi NdFeB industry output ranks second in the country, but the production is more dispersed, as many as 60 enterprises, mostly in the middle and low products, but in recent years to speed up technological progress. Due to raw material prices and the transfer of the domestic industry to the origin of rare earth, also had to high-end product development. In 2000, they established Shanxi Magnetics Union and established the Shanxi NdFeB Industry Technical Center in 2004 to strengthen R & D innovation and achievement management and promote the transformation of achievements. Based on the dispersion of power and layout, the overall competitiveness can only be effectively enhanced only through joint development.

It is noteworthy that our country also imports a certain amount of rare earth permanent magnets from abroad every year. According to statistics, 3657 tons were imported in 2006, an increase of 10.4% over 2005 (3,312 tons). To be sure, the imported rare earth permanent magnets should be based on NdFeB magnets, mostly in China's foreign electronics and automotive magnet applications business needs high-end sub-category, it should be mainly produced in Japan.

In short, the face of competition in the rare earth raw materials market, China's sintered NdFeB market, whether foreign or Japan, Japan, many domestic enterprises will be fierce competition between the intense and cruel. In the development of competition, development in the competition, this is no one can change the laws of the market.

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Sintered NdFeB Magnets Enterprises Competitive Trend of Development

In accordance with the law of market development, the future development of NdFeB magnets enterprises will have the following trends:

1. Bankruptcy: Some SMEs that lack the advantages of capital, technology and raw materials have lost their basis for survival in the competition and will face bankruptcy and mergers;

2, the Union: the complementary advantages between enterprises, or by virtue of technology, or by geographical advantages, or rely on the advantages of capital combined with each other to form a coalition;

3, mergers: Powerful enterprises through the shares, investment and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions of small and medium enterprises;

4, joint; large enterprises at home and abroad form a powerful alliance, control and divide the world and the Chinese market.

5, the transfer: NdFeB manufacturers and downstream applications through the joint and cooperation enterprises to strengthen the application of NdFeB technology development, the product structure and gradually to the downstream devices and end-application product transfer.

As far as China's NdFeB magnet industry as a whole, we must make good use of technology. On the whole, China NdFeB magnet production technology and Japan and other developed countries there is still a certain gap. Such as Japanese manufacturers have been able to mass production of magnetic energy product for the 50 trillion high above the sintered magnet, in addition to individual enterprises in our country can produce a small amount of outside, most manufacturers stay at about 45 trillion high, the product consistency and stability is not as good People. We must follow the international advanced technology level, do a good job of technological innovation, and with the international advanced enterprises through joint ventures and cooperation to form a strategic alliance to create a well-known brand in order to give full play to the advantages of resources in order to make our country not only sintered NdFeB magnet industry Power, but also is a sintered NdFeB magnet manufacturing power.


Sintered NdFeB Magnets Industry Development Prospects

At present, the global NdFeB magnet market capacity has more than 10 billion US dollars, the application market is also broadening from the electronics industry to automotive, home appliances, medical and other industries, with unusually broad space for development and prospects.

China NdFeB industry with high quality products and cost advantages in the international market share continues to expand, now has occupied nearly 80% of the world market strength, become the world's sintered NdFeB magnets industry center. NdFeB solar energy saving as a sunrise industry, is expected in the next 20-30 will not have more than NdFeB magnet performance to replace it, in the next 3-5 years compound growth rate will remain at about 20% , And will continue to transfer to China. According to experts forecast that by 2010, the global NdFeB magnet production will exceed 100,000 tons. Our output will exceed 80,000 tons. Nearly double the current increase. Both the original three Nd-Fe-B base of the business, or the three major sources of new NdFeB enterprises will face fierce market competition and severe challenges of survival and development.

At present, the world is in an era of high oil prices. The greenhouse effect has worsened the global climate and energy conservation and emission reduction have become the responsibility all the countries must shoulder. With the entry into force of "Kyoto Protocol", all countries in the world pay more and more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation. NdFeB is one of the main raw materials for manufacturing environmentally friendly energy-saving products. Such as NdFeB in the automotive, compressors, wind turbines and other fields will be more widely used in the field, the rise of hybrid vehicles and automotive electronics systems will be a substantial increase in the amount of prediction of the automotive industry, NdFeB annual growth rate will be More than 40%. In an era of increasingly tight energy, the conversion of wind energy into electricity is under the policy support of governments. Wind power is now being implemented on a large scale in Europe and is still in its infancy in our country. At present, a 1 MW unit uses NdFeB is about 1 ton, with the rapid growth of the wind power industry, the amount of NdFeB in the wind turbine will also increase rapidly.

Recently, the application of NdFeB magnets in magnetic levitation technology is particularly noticeable. Dalian successfully developed "China 6" light rail suspended NdFeB maglev train, the maximum operating speed of up to 536 kilometers per hour, is currently building a 3 km long permanent magnet suspension line in Dalian, which will be China's first neodymium Iron boron magnetic suspension train lines, with complete independent intellectual property rights. Once used in the official line, NdFeB magnets will greatly increase the amount.

"NdFeB Permanent Magnetically Suspended Wind Turbine" was awarded as the 35th Geneva International Invention in April 2007 following the 2006 Top Ten Green Inventions in China and Top Ten Science and Technology News of China's Rare Earth Industry in 2006 Special Gold Award, has achieved industrialization, the initial formation of annual production of 40,000 sets of all-permanent magnetic suspension wind turbine and all-permanent magnetic levitation landscape complementary power supply system, two major products.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government and the United States maglev pipeline technology company (Magplane) in April 2007 signed a cooperation framework agreement. Relying on the advantages of Baotou Rare Earth and its machinery manufacturing industry, the Company plans to introduce the United States maglev pipeline transportation technology and apply it to the field of logistics and transportation of coal and mine resources in Inner Mongolia. It is said that the maglev pipeline technology is easy to build and can greatly reduce construction and operating costs. The planned coal transportation for Erdos will greatly improve the technical level of coal transportation, reduce operating costs and achieve efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection of mineral transportation. If this technology can be industrialized, it will provide the NdFeB magnet industry with a huge consumer market with a bright future.

NdFeB industry is becoming a new Chaoyang environmental protection industry. NdFeB in the computer (VCM), hybrid and ordinary cars, wind turbines, MRI machines, all kinds of magnetic tools, magnetizing equipment, etc. will maintain a rapid growth momentum. And in some new applications, such as maglev trains, maglev pipelines and maglev wind turbines have great potential for development. In information technology as the representative of the rapid development of the knowledge-based economy stimulated, NdFeB magnet industry will undoubtedly have a more very broad market prospects.

However, it should be specially pointed out that, while protecting the interests of industrial separation of rare earth smelting, we must also consider the protection of the sustainable development of its most important downstream industry, the NdFeB magnet industry. Neodymium iron boron magnet industry must be regarded as an important part of the rare earth industry, and is to promote the sustainable development of the entire rare earth industry, the most active and important factor. NdFeB magnets based on irreplaceable performance, the application has been adapted to manufacturers, it will no longer easily back in the magnet selection and then re-transform. However, we also need to see that since cheap rare earths can be used to market the neodymium-iron-boron market, over-priceing will inevitably restrain the development of the neodymium-iron-boron industry. In recent years, a series of regulatory policies in the country under the favorable drive, the rare earth market bottomed out, praseodymium neodymium and other rare earth products sharp price hikes, which reflects the reasonable return of the value of rare earth, but we must also be soberly aware of rare earth metallurgy separation industry It is best to keep the price of rare earth within a reasonable range and keep it stable. Because neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and other rare earth once the price is too high, it will stimulate rare earth mining and separation industry overheating development. Baotou rare earth ore easily centralized management, ionized rare earth mines in southern China, monazite and other mineral sources scattered by the economic interests of local groups driven by the difficulty of management. Since August this year, neodymium, praseodymium and other products prices began to fall rapidly, which is again the signal of turmoil in the rare earth market? We should take the overall situation of the development of China's rare earth industry as the most important, and avoid due to human factors or speculation caused by the price artificially high. Maintaining a reasonable and stable price of rare earth separation products is not only the need to maintain the healthy development of rare earth functional materials such as NdFeB magnets in our country, but also to ensure the sustainable development of the entire rare earth industry in China. Rare earth smelting separation industry for its own development, maintain staying power, we must protect the downstream industries. Since NdFeB magnets are a powerful driving force in China's rare earth industry, we should take good care of and maintain its dynamic role. Rare earth separation industry and the NdFeB magnet industry must establish interdependence and common prosperity and development. We are convinced that after a new round of price adjustment, the rare earth separation products will be rationally regulated at a reasonable price and will remain relatively stable. We must seek a mutually acceptable balance. Only in this way can we keep the harmonious development of rare earth smelting separation industry and NdFeB magnet industry in harmony.

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