Horn magnet and speaker voice coil diameter is much better

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Horn how much magnet, that is the diameter of the horn magnet. For example, 220 magnetic, that is the speaker with a magnet diameter of 220mm.

     How many speakers that horn, that is the diameter of the speaker voice coil. For example, 100 core, that is the speaker voice coil diameter is 100mm.

     In simple terms, the same magnetic material, the larger the diameter, the greater the amount of magnetization, the greater the magnetic field strength, the greater the speaker power, the speaker sensitivity is relatively higher, the better the transient response. A speaker, the same material with the same specifications of the magnet, but the different amount of magnetization, speaker power, sensitivity, transient expression are different, it can not simply think that the larger the speaker magnet diameter the better. Rare earth magnetic materials (such as neodymium iron boron), magnetizing flux than the average magnets is much larger, so the use of NdFeB magnets, do not need much diameter.

     On the voice coil diameter, in general, the larger the diameter, the greater the power, while the lower the upper limit of the playback frequency, the lower the lower the frequency, the worse transient performance (voice coil diameter, the weight also increases, the impact Upper limit frequency and transient). However, the horn withstands the power and the strength of the magnetic field, the same diameter voice coil, the stronger the magnetic field of the speaker magnetic circuit, the greater the power that can be sustained.

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