How is the single-sided magnet formed?

- Nov 14, 2017 -

    General packaging gift box, can not do without hardcover box, high-end packaging business inside the magnet to be used.

    Now in the Shenzhen market UF mobile box with a magnet popular Popular box with magnets Popular single-sided magnets As in April this year - in July, the magnet raw materials so that the magnet out of stock, the unit price rise, and therefore Lead to single-sided magnet.

    In the box the magnet closes and closes, exposing it to the outside. Magnets also have a side effect, so the one-sided magnets exactly match. And the price of 20% lower than the same specifications.

    In this market and special conditions, the single-sided magnet quickly into the market, and welcomed by customers.

    Single-sided magnets, as the name suggests, only one side of the magnetic effect.

    Its specific production process is:

    First of all, do a good set of models (both outside the iron sleeve, one side is covered by the iron sleeve, the other side is exposed outside that is the role of ferromagnetic side). Iron sets are made by the hardware factory stamping, and then generated than the diameter of the sleeve 1-2MM, the thickness of small 0.2-0.7MM specifications of the magnet (such as the commonly used packaging 8 * 1.5 magnets, the outer sleeve 8 * 1.5, inside the magnet 6-7 * 0.8), drop a good magnetic glue.

    Then in the packaging workshop put the magnet inside the iron sleeve, dry.

    In the finished dry, magnetizing machine inside magnetizing.
    The above is the process of single-sided magnet manufacturing process.

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