How the magnet distinguishes its magnetization direction

- Nov 23, 2017 -

Is not every surface magnets is magnetic? This is a misunderstanding, the magnet is actually magnetic on all six sides, but the real magnetic only two sides, we all know, the North and South Pole, so a magnet above only two polar (multi-pole magnetization, But also on two planes). The other four faces will only be accompanied by a little bit of magnetism.

The square magnet has six sides of which only the two corresponding surfaces are the main magnetized surfaces. Magnetizing surface in the sintering of raw materials have been stereotypes, want to change the edge can not be changed. However, when we later process, we can according to customer requirements, can change the specifications to change the magnetization surface.

     The circular magnet is not the same. We all know round, only three sides, two ends, a circular surface. Circular magnets can be made radially magnetized, which is what we call magnetic surface above the arc, but the magnetic surface is also the same with the square magnet square magnet principle, the Antarctic and the Arctic each half. There is the surface of the circular magnet magnetizing, that is, both ends of the magnetization to put the surface of the market basically the majority of magnetized products.

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