How the magnet is transported, and transportation need to pay attention to what

- Nov 04, 2017 -

Magnets transport is mainly concerned with two major types of problems, one is how to protect the magnet, and the other is how to prevent damage to the surrounding environment and personnel caused by the magnetic field of the magnet. First of all, we must ensure that the storage environment during the transport of magnets is dry, if the humidity is relatively high, easily lead to corrosion of the magnet. You can also use some anti-rust oil applied to the magnet surface, you can well prevent the magnet from rusting. For, there are electroplated magnets, vacuum transport should be used to prevent corrosion of the plating.

In addition, the transport temperature must not be too high, the magnet will generally appear degaussing more than 80 degrees, so the transport process, try to keep at room temperature level. Secondly, in order to prevent, in the transport process, the collision between the magnets, resulting in damage, it is best to use the wood isolated from the magnet. In the transport process, we must prevent the fierce bump, handling process, the operator should try his best.

Next, it is to solve the magnet magnetic field on the impact of the environment. First of all, try not to magnets and computers, watches and other items on the magnetic field-sensitive transportation. For the problem of how to shield the magnetic field, the easiest way is to wrap the outside of the magnet with a metal cover, or use a carbon steel plate, and then arrange the magnet of the magnet well to form a good magnetic circuit inside. Maglev trains and air transport are good choices when choosing a transportation vehicle, however, the price will be higher, and if carried by air then the shielding of the magnetic field should be done more rigorously.

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