How to choose the correct magnet coating

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Magnets corrosion resistance is poor, the implementation of coating protection can improve its corrosion resistance. The effects of NI, ZN, epoxy resin and PARYLENE-C coating on the magnetic properties of NdFeB magnets in three solutions were studied. The results show that in the acid, alkali and salt environments, the coating of polymer materials The best protection of magnets, relatively poor epoxy resin, followed by the NI coating, ZN coating is relatively poor :, so when we order the magnet in order to ensure its performance and normal use,

      Should be based on the use of the environment to choose the appropriate coating. Iron is now more and more widely used, the most widely available coatings on the market, one of which is galvanized and one of which is nickel plated, the two most common and practical coatings on the market, since it is known from the foregoing that these two plating pairs Magnetic performance is the smallest. Another is the price factor, the price order: ZN <NI <polymer <polymer material coating, under the influence of the market economy, many products are in the compression of production costs in order to obtain a price advantage in the market, so in In the case of magnetic 

properties, zinc plating and nickel plating have become the most practical and mainstream plating on the market. In fact, there is no good or bad plating in the province, just to choose a suitable coating to achieve the desired effect is the most Ok.

      Finally, we study the quality of galvanized and nickel-plated coating without the factory coating is not the same, the most important reason is the length of chamfering and plating time, do not understand the case of magnet plating, how should we determine the quality of the coating In fact, one of the most simple and quick way is to look at the coating, the brighter the coating, the better the quality, so when choosing the order magnet, try to choose more well-known enterprises in the industry to ensure the quality of the coating.

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