How to cut and tidy the magnet

- Nov 24, 2017 -

The magnets cutting neatly, usually will be used to cut the knife, but first to fix the magnet, and adjust the size of the slicer before cutting.

Its shape slice processing methods are: grinding slice processing, laser cutting, EDM slice processing

In practice, the shape of the NdFeB permanent magnet and the properties of the magnet steel plant are varied. For example, a round plate, a cylinder, a circular ring, a cylinder (with inner holes), a square plate, a square, a sector, a tile, a trapezoid , Groove-shaped, polygonal polygons and irregular shaped irregularities. Each cutting magnet block of different shapes of permanent magnet size, performance, tolerance value, has been magnetized way is not the same. Magnets in the production process is difficult to achieve a molding, the general production process are the first to produce large (large size) of the rough, after sintering and melting process in the mechanical processing [including cutting, drilling, chamfering] peace Grinding, surface coating, and then magnetizing. The best product size accuracy, surface quality, and smoke testing and other test packaging and shipping.

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