How to deal with the magnet

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Many people know the magnets and learn to use, but also know the magnet in the social application is very wide, then, what is the magnet for processing it, below to introduce some of the measures for the magnet.

First, the magnet loss of magnetism. Through the external magnetic field, the iron, cobalt ferromagnetic material inside the electronic side by side alignment, so that the magnetic effect occurs, with the direction of the external magnetic field, so that will occur magnetic. The copper, aluminum, lead and other electronic materials, is arranged in chaos, can not produce magnetic. For example, a magnet attracts a nail, because the magnetic field of the magnet magnetizes the nail and then generates attractive force with each other. As a result, the nail is adsorbed by the magnet. Magnet to lose the magnet, you can burn the magnet red. As the temperature of the magnet increases, the internal magnets of the magnet will speed up the operation, resulting in the chaos of the electrons inside. When the temperature reaches a certain height, the direction of the electron movement is completely disrupted, the magnetic nature is gone.

Second, shielding the magnetic field. Approach is to use the general iron plate. We all know that to achieve the magnetic shielding requirements, the general choice of iron-nickel alloy of this high permeability material. If you need to shield a strong magnetic field environment, using only a single layer of material, no effect. Generally increase the thickness of the material. In fact, the most effective way is to shielded through the combination, so that the magnetic field can be minimized. The specific operation is to place a shielding object in another shielding object, remember that there is a space between the objects, the space can be filled with the support, but it must be a non-conducting material.

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