How to detect the magnet coating quality?

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Due to the relatively poor corrosion resistance of neodymium iron boron strong magnets, so generally have to carry out a plating to enhance corrosion resistance, most of the magnet manufacturers are sent to the electroplating factory plating processing, then the plating is good, the quality of the coating How to test? How to detect?

How to detect the quality of the coating?

The quality of coating directly affects the service life of NdFeB, NdFeB coating quality testing of the main methods are:

1, visual appearance

The appearance is mainly observed by the naked eye, which is best under natural light (daylight, non-direct light) or observed under fluorescent light equivalent to 40W. There should be no foaming, peeling, partial plating and uneven tone, stains, water stains and so on.

2, coating thickness measurement

3, drop test (mainly for galvanized products)

4, cross-test (generally used for nickel-plated products)

5, chilling heat test

6, PCT pressure test

7, SST salt spray test

8, constant temperature and humidity test

Guess what you are concerned about: What is the problem of missing corners after magnet plating?

1, chamfer is not big enough

2, the specification is too large

3, too fast speed knock each other

4, material problems, too brittle.

At present the main magnet coating technology are: zinc, nickel, nickel-plated copper and nickel, gold, silver, black nickel plated, epoxy, chrome, plated zinc color.

How long will be plating of the magnet?

This is not specific, the general is to see what customers to use it on the bar, and then whether the need for salt spray test, if salt spray over the plating time will be longer, not required is 3-4 hours!

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