How to distinguish between metallic magnetic materials and non-metallic magnetic materials

- Nov 11, 2017 -

Magnetic materials in the role of modern industrial equipment production more and more, according to the different performance, magnetic materials can be divided into two categories of metal magnetic materials and non-metallic magnetic materials, then what is the difference between them? 

First of all, metal magnetic materials, as the name implies, are made of a metal alloy or a metal compound. Most of the metal magnetic materials are based on iron, nickel or cobalt, then add some other elements made of high temperature. This magnetic material plays an important role in many places, such as high temperature, low frequency and high power. In addition, the metal magnetic material can be further divided into hard magnetic, soft magnetic and pressure magnetic. Soft magnetic materials are easy to demagnetize, so they are mostly used in the manufacture of electromagnets and transformers. Hard magnetic materials, with strong magnetic, and not easy to be eliminated, so hard magnetic materials, also known as permanent magnetic materials. Such materials are mainly used in the production of electrical equipment. The magnetism of the piezomagnetic material can change with the shape of the material, so it is a good choice to use in the deep electric transducer.

Non-metallic magnetic materials, is the use of non-metallic materials synthesized magnetic materials, here focuses on ferrite. Ferrite is a mixture of some metal oxide from firing, the production process is somewhat similar to ceramics. Ferrite with high permeability, high resistivity characteristics. The main use of the occasion is the antenna in the electronic technology and the core of the inductor. Non-metallic magnetic materials because of their special quality for wireless electronics technology has a very important help, many scientists are committed to the study of non-metallic magnetic materials, trying to play its greatest role. 

It can be said that the magnetic materials are closely linked in all aspects of electronics, information technology, machinery production and industrial production, and the role of these materials can not be ignored.

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