How to keep the magnet's magnetism for a long time

- Nov 04, 2017 -

Magnets, also known as magnetite, is an object that has a magnetic field around the material and itself, both natural and man-made. Artificial magnets are usually made of metal alloys, with strong magnetic. Ferromagnetic, refers to the magnetic state of a material, with spontaneous magnetization. Some materials magnetized by the external magnetic field, even if the external magnetic field disappears, still able to maintain its magnetization state and has a magnetic, which is spontaneous magnetization. All permanent magnets have magnetism or sub-magnetism.

Magnets are artificial magnets made of artificial magnetised steel or some alloys that, when stored properly, retain their magnetism for long periods of time. To remind you to not weaken the magnetic magnet, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, do not place the magnet around the strong current;

2, the magnet can not be on the fire roasted, the high temperature;

3, the magnet can not be hit and violent vibration;

4, a small magnet can not be put together with a large magnet;

5, the hoof-shaped magnet should also be in the poles plus a piece of soft iron to connect the poles, and the adjacent north and south poles of the magnet inversion.

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