How to strengthen the magnetism of the magnet

- Nov 23, 2017 -

Currently in this piece of magnetic products, many people refer to different types of magnetic products as magnets. Here I simply talk about the strong magnetic NdFeB magnet how to strengthen?

     The two common ways to strengthen the magnetism of NdFeB ferromagnetic magnets are from the aspects of size and material. In terms of size, if the contact area is large and the thickness is relatively thin, increasing the thickness of the magnet will have a great effect on increasing the magnetism. If the contact area is smaller, the thickness is thicker, then increase the contact area of the magnet will change very direct magnetic force.

     In terms of the material of the magnet, NdFeB magnetic material in the material will be divided into many grades. If the material used is not the best, but from space can not change the size of the magnet, then you can try to change the level of magnet material.

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