Let us know more rubber magnets together

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Original characteristics

With the flexibility, flexibility, can be around the curve, after extrusion, calendering, injection, mold molding and other processes can be produced into a roll, sheet, strip, block, ring and a variety of complex shapes. It can also cover the surface of PVC film, coated paper, double-sided adhesive, UV coating, or color printing die cut into various shapes.

Production Process

Ingredients → mixing → extrusion / calendering / injection molding → processing → magnetization → inspection → packaging

Performance test

Appearance, size, magnetic properties, magnetic polarity, hardness, specific gravity, tensile strength, aging resistance, winding performance

Industry applications

Application of rubber and magnetic materials: refrigerator, message bulletin board, the object fixed to the metal body for advertising and other fasteners, toys, teaching equipment, switches and sensors of the disk. Mainly used in micro motor, refrigerators, disinfection cabinet, kitchen cabinets, toys, stationery, advertising and other industries.


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