Let you know the power of magnet

- Nov 25, 2017 -

Magnets is a very special thing, because he can be used in various fields, and magnet not only in small things, the kind of large-scale means of transport also has its participation!

     Maglev train is a maglev high-speed train system with a non-contact electromagnetic levitation, guidance and drive system. Its speed of up to 500 kilometers per hour, is the world's fastest ground passenger transport, a fast, climbing ability, low energy consumption, low noise, safe and comfortable, non-fuel oil, less pollution, the advantages of cheap price . And it adopts the elevated way, taking up a small amount of arable land. Maglev trains mean that these trains use the basic principle of magnetism to float on rails instead of the old steel wheels and rail trains. Maglev technology uses electromagnetic force to lift the entire train compartment away from nasty friction and unpleasant clangtones to achieve a fast "fly" without contact with the ground and without fuel.


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