Magnet air transport

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Magnets can take the air? The answer is yes. The premise needs to be commissioned specifically to degaussing, the so-called degaussing, in fact, did not disappear magnetic, but the unit package items re-assembled so that the unit packaging of foreign magnetism to meet the state aviation safety transport requirements.

To prevent interference with aircraft instrumentation, especially compass gauges, the consignor shall pack the magnetic material in the following manner:

1. Magnetron and illuminometer and other equipment, the device must be placed opposite the poles.

2. Permanent magnet material must be installed with a magnetic armature or shield, to prevent the magnetic field caused compass instrument deviation. Passive decoding degaussing panels are commonly referred to as foam packaging. 

3. Each package of magnetic material must be properly labeled and labeled in accordance with IATA rules.

4. Ensure that the magnetic field strength measured at 4.6 m (15 ft) from the surface of the package does not exceed 0.418 A / m (0.00525 gauss) before shipping the consignment.

5. large wooden package recommended.

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