Magnet and health

- Nov 01, 2017 -

    People in the gradual improvement of life, most people began to pay attention to this field of health, magnet and health of this doctrine, in ancient China has long been a pound is used, the magnet was the beginning of the magnet, the ancient Chinese magnet acupuncture this , According to the principle of magnetic field and human body to run, making the magnetic field and the magnetic field in a certain period of time to reach a balance, which play a role in regulating the body.


    Magnet in the history of China is used as a lot of health equipment, which is more famous as Hua Tuo acupuncture, Cao Cao head disease, Hua Tuo need acupuncture, but the ordinary silver needle has been unable to treat, Hua Tuo at the time The situation produced a set of magnet acupuncture, relieve the pain of Cao Cao, of course, this set of magnet acupuncture has not been found now, true and false for the time being, but the magnet in the field of treatment does have a unique advantage, first magnet pole, Magnet has two levels, it is in line with China's Tai Chi said, yin and yang level, gossip go hand in hand, yin and yang phase hold, Chinese medicine is stressed that the body conditioning, so when the treatment can better improve the human body, through the disease, You are a potential problem with the solution, the magnet is the principle, according to the principle of bipolar magnetic field, human beings better understand their own body, to understand the body, the purpose of healing the body, and now a lot of magnet equipment according to the human body acupuncture design, and then through the magnetic field Acupuncture points, making the body better to improve the body's circulation.

    Magnet and health in the combination of today also produce a lot of health equipment, such as the common magnetic massage, according to the human body acupuncture points and pain part of the magnetic penetration and physical therapy, can achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation.

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