Magnet can be used to store!

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Have you ever thought that the powerful magnets could be used for storage

It is too convenient for items to discharge

Just suck it suck it!

Cabinet storage

The jar in the kitchen is always upset, and it is better to hang up as if accidentally. First take a piece of thin metal, sticky strong adhesive attached to the bottom of the cabinet.

Will be packed with a variety of ingredients of food bottles, with viscose in the cap with a piece of magnet. Then one by one suck up and finish!

Cabinets hold small bottles more easily, the row of the station feeling quite cool!

Coke bottle steamer can also be all hung up, of course, this need to force the magnet was more reliable, after all, will worry that it accidentally fell off.

Fridge storage

In the refrigerator inside the paste some of the bottles, you can use the space instantly several times, do not have to think about the big refrigerator!

The refrigerator wall comes with magnetic, stick good magnet after a bottle of food discharge station, but also completely more than a layer of storage space

Some things are not bottled how to do it, then put the magnet on a small basket! Outside the refrigerator more than a layer of storage basket, do not say something no place to put it!

Tool storage

Now who also put the kitchen knife drawer ah, high-quality families have begun to put the knife on the wall, with the use of take, convenient!

Want such a tall tool storage rack, in fact, very simple! Find a piece of wood and drill a few holes.

Each round hole in the release of magnets, with a transparent adhesive fixed in the hole after the fixed position.

The board will be close to the wall, and then the tool can be a suction up, so easy!

After the kitchen knife is no longer afraid to run out of place, this also avoids the trouble of the tool often water, not rusty.

Debris storage

Does the child accidentally knock over the nail box? No matter how picking will be potentially dangerous, the next time accidentally stepped on the bad! Magnet to help you get!

Do not worry, take a piece of magnet sticking to the box, pick up from the side after the ground constantly moving, sucking up minutes! This method is also very useful for dealing with small partners who often lose three!

In addition to circular small magnets, long magnet strips are also very practical! Nail scissors, black card all suck up, is simply the essential things of girls ah ~

Home commonly used scissors screwdriver small brush also stand up, love fiddle you no longer trouble!

The key is always finished the door to throw everywhere, directly suck up, not afraid you can not find!


Cosmetics storage

Cosmetics skin care products pile in the bag to find a lot of trouble, often feel very troubled. You can make yourself a storage board! First find a frame or ordinary board ~

Remove the top of the frame, and then choose a plain decorative paper paste in the frame, in the back of the frame stick strong glue and some small iron, and then posts on the wall.

Powder lipstick brush mascara, as long as it is with iron small cosmetics, all with glue glue on a small magnet.

Toys included

Put a few pieces of magnet in the children's room, toy cars all the rules of the collection up, never bear the child!

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