Magnet can not be ignored using the five major issues

- Nov 14, 2017 -

First, we should try to use gaskets

Some magnets have very large magnetic forces (eg strong magnets, samarium-cobalt magnets, etc.) and should avoid attracting two magnets together.

If two magnets hitting together, it may be dangerous for you, it may lead to two pieces of magnet due to collision and scrapped.

The use of gaskets can isolate a variety of accidents. It's also handy when you need to use a magnet.

Second, pay attention to environmental health

Magnets can absorb a variety of iron-containing dust, to maintain the use of environmental health status.

Once stuck to other substances or dust will have adverse effects on the product.

Third, should be placed in the wood or plastic plate table

If the iron is the workbench may lead to attract with the magnet and can not pull out of the situation.

Fourth, iron tools should stay away from the magnet

Strong magnet suction all kinds of iron, iron tools should be placed in the magnet further away from the position, to avoid a variety of accidents.

Five, two magnets should maintain a safe distance

This first paragraph has already said: If the two magnets hitting together, it may be dangerous for you, it may lead to two magnets broken by collision scrapped. Again, this is emphasized because it does have very serious consequences. If the two have been separated, please for the two magnets to maintain a safe distance. (Relatively small pieces of the magnet are relatively immune to this danger)

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