Magnet growth course

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Magnet steel is a mature part of the new type of functional permanent magnet materials. It has become the preferred material for interior design of underground space and has been rapidly expanding in China's maglev train industry. It is also synchronized with the construction of China's maglev train. Urban tunnels, underground pedestrian passage and other underground transport facilities, the huge construction needs, I believe in a longer period of time later, the demand for industrial magnet permanent magnet material will be rapid and steady growth.

    Magnet material is based on high-quality low-carbon ferromagnetic substrate, and inorganic non-magnetic materials by strengthening, strengthening the magnetic field, the two have a close chemical bond formation of permanent magnetic materials. Not only strong magnetic substrate such as toughness, impact resistance and other characteristics, and inorganic magnetic layer super acid, durable, wear-resistant and so on. With magnetic steel and magnetic corrugated plate heat transfer element as the main permanent magnet materials, has been widely used in metal toys, handicrafts, industrial façade casting and other industries in many areas, the future will have a better development prospects!

    Magnet is a kind of magnets. In the actual industrial production, ferrite is usually called magnet. The most primitive definition of magnet is AlNiCo (AlNiCo is abbreviated as AlNiCo in English) Magnet is composed of several hard and strong metals, such as iron and aluminum, nickel, cobalt and other synthetic, sometimes copper, niobium, tantalum synthesis, used to make super-hard permanent magnet alloys.

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