Magnet is also a material that can not be ignored

- Nov 27, 2017 -

In the current industrial production and other fields of work, people are very common for the use of magnet. Magnetic steel products produced by the manufacturer is also more, when we classify the magnet material, often from its magnetic nature of the level of departure. Based on this, we are based on the magnetic properties of magnetic materials will be divided into two kinds of permanent magnets and non-permanent magnets, is the production of mechanical shears main material.

    Permanent magnet:

    Sintered NdFeB Magnet Introduction Permanent magnet is also often referred to as hard magnet, it is formed because the relevant magnetic material by external magnetic field magnetization so that they have and can retain its long-term ferromagnetic. Permanent magnet steel is characterized by a relatively high coercive field, while the coercive field is the magnet to maintain permanent magnetism lies. It should be noted that the magnetism of natural magnetite ore is generally permanent. For now, the permanent magnets that are often used are mainly Alnico magnets, SmCo magnets, Ferrite magnets and NdFeB magnets. Among them, the highest price of permanent magnets is samarium cobalt magnets, and the lowest price is ferrite magnets, in addition, so many types of permanent magnets, the best performance is a neodymium iron boron magnets, However, the performance of Alnico magnets will be more stable, and Alnico magnets have the best temperature stability factor.

    Non-permanent magnet:

    Non-permanent magnets are also often referred to as soft magnets. Non-permanent magnet magnetic materials generally have a relatively low coercivity and relatively high permeability. Non-permanent magnetic materials in the production of relatively easy to be magnetized, but also more easily demagnetization. Specifically, non-permanent magnets lose their magnetism instantly when they are heated to a certain temperature range. At present, non-permanent magnetic steel is widely used in the electric equipment manufacturing industry and electronic equipment manufacturing industry. Among them, the largest demand for non-permanent magnetic steel is the silicon steel sheet of iron-silicon alloy, and various soft materials such as electromagnet and current magnetic device Ferrite. Therefore, non-permanent magnet steel is one of the most important materials in industrial production, especially in the field of electronic industry.

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