Magnet magnetization curve is like

- Nov 25, 2017 -

Magnets can be used is a more practical effect, are used in many places, NdFeB magnet is the strongest, in the use of the above is very broad, and its magnetization curve is how it?

  Magnetic materials in the magnetic field, the magnetic field strength H and magnetic induction (magnetic flux density) B is a non-linear relationship between the relationship, said B = f (H) curve.

  Magnetic field increases, B according to Oabc curve changes, b-point saturation. Bs is called saturation magnetic flux density, Hs is called saturation magnetic field. Hysteresis occurs when the magnetic field decreases, the curve changes by cbd. This hysteresis is related to changes in the strength of the magnetic field and irreversibly changes the flux density independent of the rate change.

  Magnetic flux density is zero magnetic field strength called coercivity.

  The remanence Br is a value of the residual magnetic flux density obtained by monotonously changing the magnetic field from the magnetic saturation state. The curve formed by the whole process is called the hysteresis curve. Oabc is called the initial magnetization curve.

  With magnetization curve, hysteresis loop that the magnetic material. Ferromagnetic material, paramagnetic material, magnetization curve of diamagnetic material.

  To maintain the magnetic, require the same coercivity. Prisoners call this expression magnet, the magnet is a high coercivity material. Strictly speaking, a magnet is an object that has an external magnetic field.

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