Magnet on which part of the meter will turn slowly

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Current hinder the rotation of the aluminum plate, the magnets on the meter outside does not work.

     "The basic principle of mechanical meter": the traditional meter refers to the inductive mechanical meter (referred to as the sensor or mechanical meter), which uses the electromagnetic induction (magnet) should be the principle, mainly by the voltage coil, the current coil, Aluminum plate, permanent magnet, counter and other devices. Its working principle is: According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, when the meter is energized, an electromagnetic field (magnet) is generated in the current coil and the voltage coil to form a rotating torque on the aluminum plate, and the counter is driven by the transmission gear. The larger the current voltage is, The bigger, the faster the count, the more electricity. Aluminum plate torque and the load is proportional to the active power. Meter constant refers to the number of turns per aluminum plate measured in watts per kilowatt hour (kWh), in rev / kWh.

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